Meet Our Herd

REINS therapy horses carry precious cargo and we take great care in selecting, evaluating and training them. Our Program Manager first evaluates all horses being considered to join the our herd. The horse’s conformation, movement, and behavior are assessed, as well as their ground manners, ability under saddle, and suitability for riders with disabilities. If the horse is then accepted, he will come to REINS for a 90-day trial period. If the trial period is a success, donation papers are signed and REINS accepts the horse with much gratitude. When a horse becomes ready for retirement the original owner has the right of first refusal. If they waive that right, REINS carefully selects a good home for our retiring Equine.

Our Geldings


Belgian Warmblood, foaled in 1998

Joined REINS: 2009

Before life at REINS, Bueller was a jumper, his previous family purchased him because he was just so safe and reliable.  When they were looking at him, a car drove by and backfired.  Bueller didn’t bat an eye and he was sold on the spot!. Before arriving at REINS, he had been living in a stall by himself.  He quickly discovered how fun it is to have other horse buddies to play with.   Now it is not uncommon to see Bueller playing in the pasture with his buddies.  He just loves the herd life and the excitement at REINS.


Norwegian Fjord, foaled in 1993

Joined REINS: 2002

Leif is one of five Norwegian Fjords here at REINS.  Since he arrived, Leif has shone as one our most valuable equines.  He works in every variety of lessons that we offer, from independent riding lessons, to back riding, to vaulting, to helping our wheel chair bound riders feel what it is like to walk again.  Leif does it all without complaint.  His strong, stout body is perfectly adapted to be a therapy horse.  Leif loves life here at REINS and we love having him!   Overall he is a perfect example of the do it all ability of the Norwegian Fjord breed.


Norwegian Fjord, foaled in 1992

Joined REINS: 2006

Harrison Fjord, not to be confused with the actor (though we think they look alike) is a Norwegian Fjord.  Though Fjords were the Viking warhorses, Harry has left his warrior roots behind and prefers to amble quietly along, sneaking carrots when no one is looking.

Harry came to us all the way from Oregon in the middle of the chilly winter (he sure was happy when he saw the sun!)  He fit in right away and started taking some of our biggest riders.  He is one of our hardest working horses and a real character.  His favorite pastime is trying to trick the volunteer leaders into letting him sneak to the carrot boxes before the lesson is over.  (He seems to think he’ll get more carrots this way).


Quarter Horse, foaled in 1994

Joined REINS: 2008

Rocky has lived a very exciting life.  He dabbled in Eventing, winning the Intro Level championship at Copper Meadows in 2006.  But his favorite job was as a ‘whip’ horse.  This means that he was a foxhunting horse who got to follow the hounds and make sure they stayed in line.

As he got older, Rocky’s joints just couldn’t handle all the high speed antics of foxhunting, so he came to REINS.  From day one it’s been a perfect fit.  Rocky is like a big Labrador retriever in the body of a horse!  His kind heart and compassionate nature make him perfectly suited for therapeutic riding.  Although he is great for beginners, Rocky also knows how to challenge our more advanced equestrians; perfect for every age group!


American Paint Horse, foaled in 1995

Joined REINS: June, 24, 2009

Rio is a breeding stock paint, whose sire is from the very famous Kings Ranch (think Ford Trucks – Kings Ranch Edition).  He was born in Oklahoma on a hunting ranch where they would go out on hunts for 3 days at a time.  Apparently, early on Rio let it be known that he did not want to work that hard by stomping his feet and protesting.  Rio was brought to California in 1999 where a lady bought him because he looked like her grandfather’s horse. After a few years, Rio moved on to one of our REINS instructor’s families who purchased him for their daughter.   Rio’s temperament seemed perfect for a beginner rider, so after extensive training, he became an ideal Pony Club mount.   Together Rio and his girl won training level dressage high point of the year at the Poway Valley Riders Association.  After she outgrew him, his family knew they wanted to donate him to a therapeutic riding program because it suited his temperament ideally.

Watching him now, it is very obvious he loves his home and job at REINS.


Norwegian Fjord Horse, foaled May 2, 2002

Joined REINS: 2014

Proudly Sponsored by:  Kandis Pinamonti

Finn is one of our several registered Norwegian Fjord Horses at REINS.  His playful attitude and endless energy adds a spicy new dynamic to the gelding pasture.  He is built stout, and durable, perfect for a therapy horse!  Always eager to move, Finn keeps his riders alert and engaged during their lessons to ensure they get the most out of their ride.  From balls to bubbles this horse is ready to play!! On his free time, keeping the pasture alive and active is his main mission. He is always ready for another horse to join in his games!


Proudly Sponsored by:
Kandis Pinamonti

Sami a.k.a. Sovereign

Arabian, foaled in 1988

Joined REINS: November 2010

Sami is a well traveled and educated boy.  He has worked the whole gamut of equine jobs, from show hunter/jumper pony, to pony club mount, to lesson horse, to therapeutic riding horse.  His years of competing and teaching lessons gave him great training for life as a REINS horse.  Sami loves his life at REINS and especially loves all the new friends he has made.  He has really bonded some of the other geldings and seems to enjoy the rough and tumble life in the pasture. Sami is one of our older guys and we are so happy that he chose REINS as his final place of employment.  We will love him till he goes to greener pastures!

Proudly Sponsored by:
Traci Garmon – NaturVet Foundation


Norwegian Fjord and Percheron cross, foaled in 2008

Joined REINS: July 2012

Konah is our slow and steady big baby Huey.  He just loves to play with whatever toys are out in the pasture, from the water hose to the feed buckets.  Although he is mister playful in the pasture, Konah is the solid steady horse that can carry our biggest or newest riders.  He is the master of slow and slower, but will occasionally step on the gas if the rider encourages him enough.  When he first came to REINS, Konah had barely any training, but over time and with a bit of work he has become a wonderful horse.  Because Konah came to us at such a young age, we hope to have him around for years to come!



Hafflinger, foaled 1997

Joined REINS: January 2017

Cinnamon is a cute little pony that loves to talk! He always wants to know what is happening on the ranch, and has something to say about it.  He is definitely the little man with the big personality; there is not a mean bone in his body.  He is quickly learning the ropes around REINS, he just can’t wait to figure everything out and get to work!


Our Mares


Arabian Cross Pony, foaled in 1995

Joined REINS: 2004

In her previous life (or before REINS) Betsy was a successful Hunter/Jumper show pony.  She came to REINS with a long letter of introduction from her previous owner, showing just how well loved she was.

Betsy wasn’t quite sure what to think of REINS at first.  She couldn’t figure out why on earth we would have all those crazy looking things like balls and rings and toys ‘oh my’.  But with time and practice, Betsy realized the joy of playing with toys.  She has become a superstar, especially for younger riders just learning to ride; she just seems to know what each child needs.  Our instructors can almost let her teach the lesson, she is that good.


Argentinian Polo Horse, foaled April 1, 2003 (April Fool’s Day!)

Joined REINS: 2010

Foolie is a wonderful mare donated by one of our riders, Harry Collins.  Harry and Foolie played polo together.  Infact, Foolie was Harry’s favorite polo pony as she is so easy to ride and so kind.  Foolie had to have her left eye removed after sustaining an injury during a polo match.  After the injury, Foolie was retired from polo, though she continued to work as a ranch and trail horse, traveling between California and Colorado.  In an unfortunate turn of events, Harry was injured in a polo accident not long after Foolie.  Because Foolie is extremely calm and sensible, and manages well with only one eye, she has become a wonderful therapy horse.  In 2011 she was the Region 11 Therapy Horse of The Year!

Not only is she a terrific therapy horse, but she reminds all of us that we can still help others, regardless of our seeming limitations.


Icelandic Horse, foaled June 6, 1996 

Joined REINS:  March 2010

Kvika (pronounced Veeka) is an Icelandic horse.  Kvika was actually donated by the grandmother of one of our students.  Kvika is a perfect fit for our program as she, like all Icelandic horses, has an exceptionally calm nature and is short and strong.   Though only 12 hands high, Kvika can actually carry a full grown man!  One of the best parts of Kvika though, is riding her ‘tolt’.  A tolt is a natural gait of the icelandic breed.  It is an exceptionally smooth four beat gait, much like the running walk of a Tenessee Walking Horse.  Because Kvika’s tolt is smooth and easy to ride, some of our students who cannot bear the bounce of a regular trot can still enjoy going fast by riding Kvika’s tolt!


Norwegian Fjord, foaled in 1989

Joined REINS: 2009

We found Mary when we were in need of another Fjord to take on our adult riders.  The first place we looked was Nors Ranch in Aguangua.  Bitten and Henrik Nors have bred and raised Fjords for years, so we knew we were going to the right place.  Though we did purchase Mary, she was actually purchased with grant money set aside just for buying a new therapy horse!

Mary has been a great fit since first arriving.  She is a wonderful example of the versatility of the Fjord breed.  She totes around little tykes and is strong enough to carry adults as well.   We are just so happy and thankful to have her!


Icelandic and Welsh Mountain Pony cross, foaled in 2000

Joined REINS: February 2013

She has the personality of a feisty little puppy! While she is great for toting around our little tots, she is also very good with our kiddos learning to steer independently.  She keeps us all on our toes with her spunky demeanor, and vivacious attitude!

When we first started introducing Clover to all of our therapy tools, such as the basketball hoop, poles, and rings, she would just turn her head a look at us like she had seen it all before. Even when we introduced her to the herd, it was such a smooth transition that it seemed as though she already knew everybody. Clover is a wonderful addition to our program, and I am so glad that she has fit in so well.   She has so much to offer our little riders, and we are so blessed to have her here with us!

Proudly Sponsored by:
The Drake Family


Quarter Horse/ Pony, foaled in 2001

Joined REINS: 2015

Chloe Louise is ever so curious about the world around her. Keeping her ears perked and eyes aware she knows exactly what is happening down here at REINS.  Although she is just beginning her career as a therapy horse, she is excited to learn and eager to please.  Once she knows what we are asking of her, she accepts her duties caring for our special riders.  Daisy, her best friend, has been showing her the ropes around the REINS pasture.  Not wanting to disrupt the other mares, Chloe is okay staying on the back burner and trying not to rock the boat.  We love our little ponies here at REINS, I know Chloe Louise will add a wonderful new dynamic to our therapy herd!


Paint Horse, foaled in 2001

Joined REINS: December 2016

Mable is one of our cute little paint ponies that just loves to spend her day teaching little ones how to ride.  She has made a career out of teaching lessons, with her past being in Pony Club.  Like most of us here at REINS, she has lived in Fallbrook for most of her life.  With her stout build and steady gait, she offers her riders a strong base and a confident mount so they can focus on the skills they are learning.  Mable is a true therapy horse, she will teach many kiddos how to ride.


Thoroughbred, foaled in 1996

Joined REINS: April 2016

Serena is a former Polo Pony that came from the desert.  Because her owner wanted to offer Serena a cooler climate in her older years, REINS became her home.  She is the go-get’em kind of girl that will do anything her riders asks her to do.  She has a wonderful consistent, calm disposition that offers her riders an ideal riding experience.  Although the therapy tools are not really her cup of tea, Serena has the training and patients to teach our independent riders specific riding skills that do not involve playing with toys.  Serena’s favourite past time is to play in her water trough on those warm summer days.