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REINS Website History

altREINS purchased the domain in 2003, and the homepage debuted that same year.  The first website was created in-house using desktop software.

Since 2005, our website has been designed and developed by Patrick Riley. A new site design was unveiled that year, and significant updates have been made each year since.  2006 saw an overhaul of the site code to work towards compliance with current web standards.  The next year, we added PayPal and Good Search buttons to the site to allow online donations and revenue sharing. Much of the site's text content was revised in 2008.  The REINS Merchandise page, our music video, and our eBay store were also launched that year.

Image of REINS website 2005-2008In 2009 research and development of the latest version of the site began, and the new site was launched that October.   The site now employs a Content Management System (CMS) which allows REINS staff members to regularly add and update content about upcoming events.  Our CMS also adds other important features such as a browsable online calendar, photo galleries, document management, polls, banners, e-newsletters, and the REINS Gear online store.

We hope in the future to open a new section of our website devoted to discussion forums.  This will provide an online meeting place for REINS parents and instructors to exchange ideas about a wide variety of topics.  Stay tuned as REINS continues to grow - and thanks for your support!

Written by Patrick Riley Last Updated on Thursday, February 03, 2011