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Jacob - A Typical REINS Day

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Jacob - A typical day at REINS

A Typical REINS Day:

Once a week Jacob comes to ride a horse at REINS. Jacob is so busy having fun on his horse that he doesn't realize just how much therapy he is getting at the same time. When Jacob arrives at REINS with his parents, he gets out of his car and is greeted by his instructor. Together they go to the helmet cupboard and put Jacob's riding helmet on. Then Jacob and his instructor go over to the loading ramp, where he is greeted by his horse, leader and sidewalker*.

From here there are many options to choose from. Jacob will either take his horse on a trail ride or into the arena, or maybe both! In the arena and also on trail there are many opportunities for Jacob to learn and stimulate his different senses and abilities. Jacob's instructor (with the help of our Occupational Therapist) has come up with a lesson plan that will give Jacob the best therapy by utilizing various tools. As Jacob's skills improve his instructor will change his lesson plan to keep things challenging and fun. After Jacob's lesson (approximately 30 min.) Jacob 's instructor helps him off his horse and then they go to the tack room to put his reins back and get carrots for his horse. Jacob brings the carrots to his horse along with some gentle pats. After rewarding his horse and himself for a job well done Jacob's parents take him home where he utilizes the skills he has learned.

To learn more about who we are, what we do, and how you can help, please watch a video profile of the REINS Program originally broadcast on KUSI.

*Depending on students' ability, a sidewalker may or may not be necessary.

Written by REINS Staff Last Updated on Thursday, January 21, 2010