Greener Pastures

For all our horses who have moved on from REINS.


Argentinian Polo Horse, foaled April 1, 2003 (April Fool’s Day!)

Retired with Betsy in 2017 on 40 Green Acres in Colorado. Enjoy those greener pastures, Foolie!

Foolie is a wonderful mare who was donated by one of our riders, Harry Collins. Harry and Foolie played polo together. In fact, Foolie was Harry’s favorite polo pony as she is so easy to ride and is so kind. Foolie had to have her left eye removed after sustaining an injury during a polo match. After the injury, Foolie was retired from polo, though she continued to work as a ranch and trail horse, traveling between California and Colorado. In an unfortunate turn of events, Harry was injured in a polo accident not long after Foolie. Since Foolie was extremely calm and sensible, and manages well with only one eye, she became a wonderful therapy horse, and joined REINS in 2010. In 2011 she was the Region 11 Therapy Horse of The Year!

Not only was she a terrific therapy horse, but she reminds all of us that we can still help others, regardless of our seeming limitations.


Arabian Cross Pony, foaled in 1995

Retired with Foolie in 2017 on 40 Green Acres in Colorado. Enjoy those greener pastures, Betsy!

Before REINS, Betsy was a successful Hunter/Jumper show pony.  She came to us with a long letter of introduction from her previous owner, showing just how well loved she was.

Betsy wasn’t quite sure what to think of REINS when she arrived in 2004.  She couldn’t figure out why on earth we would have all those crazy looking things like balls and rings and toys ‘oh my’.  But with time and practice, Betsy realized the joy of playing with toys.  She was a superstar in the therapy arena, especially for younger riders just learning to ride. She just seemed to know what each child needed.  Our instructors could almost let her teach the lesson, she was that good at her job!

Sami, aka Sovereign

Arabian, foaled in 1988

Passed on in 2017. We miss you, sweet boy! We are so happy you got to live a long life doing something that you loved. Thank you for your many years of service!

Sami was a well-traveled and educated boy. He worked a whole gamut of equine jobs, from show hunter / jumper pony, to pony club mount, to lesson horse, to therapeutic riding horse. His years of competing and teaching lessons gave him great training for life as a REINS horse. Sami loved his life at REINS including all of his friends in the gelding pasture. We feel so lucky that we got to have Sami at his final place of employment. What a great therapy horse he was!


Pinto Pony born 1992

Tex has retired to his a new home with one of dedicated Volunteers!  He’s shares his retirement  home with Daisey.

Tex, came to us as a successful show hunter pony.  Tex served as a wonderful addition to the REINS heard for almost 10 years.


Norwegian Fjord born in 1990

Passed on in August of 2015 to walk in the Norwegian grass pastures in the sky.

Kiejl was one of our dependable Norwegian Fjords. Kiejl worked hard carrying some of our youngest and oldest riders on his broad, able back.

He had a lot going on behind his long forelock and was a great therapy horse at REINS for over 9 years. We will miss him!


Arabian born in 1979

Passed on in 2010.  We miss you Mickey!

Mickey was one of REINS veteran horses.  Pre-REINS, Mickey was a successful show horse, competing in the hunter/jumper circuit.  Mickey was the first horse for many of our riders.  He loved his job.

Mickey always had a smile on his face (partly because he needed braces as child and never got them) and warmed the hearts of our kiddos every day.


Irish Thoroughbred born in 1988

Passed on in 2010 to gallop the green grass of heaven.

Highland started at REINS in 2002.  In his pre-REINS life, Highland was an Eventer, which means he competed in three English disciplines, Dressage, Cross-Country and Stadium Jumping  (comparable to a triathlete).

Highland was a steady boy.  He was at REINS only a few short weeks when he helped with the REINS Fun Day Horse Show.  He gained such a band of followers that they even formed the ‘Highland Syndicate’, a group dedicated to his sponsorship.  But the Syndicate doesn’t stop there!  Many in the group volunteer and made sure he was kept groomed, fat and happy.  While all the horses here are special, Highland had a special charm that drew people to him.


Quarter Horse born in 1980

Passed on in 2010.  Miss you buddy!

Bailey was at REINS since 2000!!  In his previous life he was a show horse and very well trained.  As such, Bailey definitely knew the ropes and knew how to take care of his riders in style.

Bailey was quite the gentleman and showed it by his quiet manner and slow gentle gaits.  If he were human, he would have been one of those men that all the ladies went for.  In his younger days he would definitely have been the track and field star and had a cheerleader on his arm.  Even in his older years, with his salt and pepper hair, he still attracted the ladies.  His can do attitude made him a favorite horse for many of our riders.


Retired in 2010.  He is living his retirement living in a pasture flirting with the younger ladies.  Rick is enjoying his retirement and loving life!

Quarter Horse born in 1982

Rick started at REINS in 2006.  Pre-REINS he was a fiery rodeo horse.  In his later years he settled into the quiet life of a therapeutic riding pony, though he still couldn’t focus if there was a crowd—the noise reminded him of his rip snorting glory days!

Rick was rock solid and a great guy.  He was one of those horses with a heart of gold that shines right through his amber eyes.


Norwegian Fjord born in 1989

Passed on in 2010.  Heaven is better with her there!

Erica was one of our oldest mares and a veteran here at REINS.  She had been with REINS since 1994!  Erica had her own set of challenges.  She came to us because of foot problems.  Through a lot of hard work and TLC, Erica was nursed back to health and became one of our most integral horses.

Erica was the first horse for many of our riders and helped many on their way to achieving their dreams.  She was truly an example of what REINS is all about.


Thoroughbred Born in 1986

Passed on in 2010, now galloping in heaven with Bailey and Highland.

In his late twenties, Scottie was mostly retired, saving his energy for some of his favorite students.  Scottie began at REINS in 2003.  Interestingly, Scottie was originally Debbie’s daughter’s jumping horse.  He then passed on to another rider, Jordyn, before coming to REINS. Scottie was a total jock and funny boy.

There were doubts as to whether a big fancy show horse could do therapeutic riding, but Scottie was fantastic.  He plugged along and took care of our riders with a dopey smile on his face.


Shetland Pony -we never new his age- well over 30!

Joined REINS 2006

Poncho was the smallest member of the REINS herd.  Before joining REINS he was a barrel pony.   (He was very fast when he wanted to be).

He has been so important for many of our riders, being their first horse.  Some were a little too little to ride other horses, others a little too intimidated.  Poncho took care of them all.  He loved his life here and loved to be pampered.    If he had been human, one could imagine him wearing a tweed smoking jacket, putting his feet up at night on a velvet chaise, and indulging in a good pipe.  That’s how we picture him now.

Cassandra “Cassie”

Haflinger Mare born around 1990.

Passed March 25, 2015  

Cassie, aka Cassandra, aka Malibu Barbie, was a wonderful addition to REINS.  Cassie was actually a children’s lesson and show pony for the past 10 years.   All those years of teaching lessons gave her a head-start on being a therapy horse.  Cassie was here to work out her ‘retirement’ days.  We are so thankful her owner, Jennifer, let us borrow this wonderful horse.


Pony of the Americas born in 1993

Retired in June 2014 to a wonderful home in Valley Center, CA where she will get to munch on all the carrots a horse could dream about!!!

Grand is a POA  or Pony of the Americas.  Pony of the Americas have been bred to be ideal kid horses, so naturally Grand is a perfect therapeutic riding horse.  She came to REINS from Temecula where she worked at a summer camp for girls. Moving into therapeutic riding lessons was an easy transition.

Before her work as a therapy pony and camp horse, Grand was a successful show pony. So, Grand is really a ‘grand champion!’